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Medical and Scientific Basis of Pranayama

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Yoga is a devotion, which makes the mind calm and gives knowledge. Pranayam results in good health. Good health is achieved with changes in daily routine and habits instead of medicines or blessings of somebody. Life is the balance of breaths and basis of vital life energy. Pranayam maintains this balance and energizes vital life energy, which gives long life and healthy body.

Happiness and unhappiness originate from the body, which are believed to be god’s wish. God resides within us, a person who makes his body a temple and the god living inside becomes happy experiences happiness. On the other hand, a person who pollutes his body with different things annoys god living inside, becomes unhappy. Prana or vital life energy is also a form of god, whose basis is respiration. Pranayam maintains the balance of these breaths, which strengthens both mind and body. This is the Yoga devotion, which Swami Ramdev propagates.

He is showing the magic to the whole world with Yoga devotion.

Practice of seven pranayam and their effect on curing diseases was not easily acceptable by everybody. But, the residential camps organized at Patanjali Yogpeeth Ayurveda medical and research institute at Hardwar showed excellent results and when medical science itself proved through its reports that seven-step pranayam overcomes incurable diseases, it created a new kind of enthusiasm towards Yoga in the whole world.

Revered Swami Ramdev Ji experimented this on human body from 1995 onwards but he decided to make the results public in 2002 after getting positive results of his scientific research. He started organizing Yoga camps from 2003 onwards and residential camps from 2004, which proved that changes in daily routine and food along with Yoga devotion has lot of importance. A practitioner practices pranayam with complete dedication in residential camp. A residential camp is organized between 5 and 8 a.m. and the participants wake up at 4 a.m. Prana vayu or vital life energy circulates during this time and the amount of oxygen is highest before sunrise. Oxygen is the vital life energy, which enters inside the body through breath and increases resistance power of the body. The remaining processes of curing disease depends on the nature of pranayam, which are done in a systematic way. This sequence of pranayam is Swami Ramdev’s research. Synchronized and rhythmic breathing maintains the equilibrium of hormones. Disequilibrium of hormones causes different diseases, which is balanced with pranayam. It cures various incurable diseases along with hereditary problems.

Human body is made up with five elements, which are obtained automatically from nature, but when the man starts acting contrary to the nature then the five elements get imbalanced. It affects the nervous system of the body and generates disorders or diseases. Medical science has presented these disorders in a very dangerous manner and we consider that the hormonal imbalance is incurable. Swami Ramdev Ji’s seven-step pranayam has proved that now almost all the diseases are curable. The disease, which occurs due to internal imbalance, is overcome with maintaining the balance. This physical balance is known as Yoga devotion, which cures several dangerous diseases.

Yoga camp begins after prayers. Bhastrika pranayam involves deep breathing in and out, it strengthens the heart, makes the body active, and improves the functioning of respiratory system. Kapalbhati is very effective; this involves exhaling with full force. Breathing out with full force throws out disorders and increases oxygen in blood; it strengthens the life energy of the whole body. Contracting the stomach to exhale reduces weight and fat. It overcomes constipation and painful problem like piles. Breathing out forcefully opens heart blockage, and also avoids the need for bypass surgery. Polluted air goes out and pure oxygen enters the body, which purifies blood, cures skin ailments, eczema, and allergy. It increases internal energy and wipes out allergy. It removes stomach disorders and gives natural glow on face.

Anulom-Vilom pranayam balances the respiratory system and changes the entire biochemistry. Breathing in from left nostril and breathing out from right nostril generates rhythm and cures eyes, ears and nose problems. It controls high blood pressure and the person does not have the necessity to use spectacles. This pranayam cures white, black cataract, enlarged bone inside ear and improves cerebral diseases. It maintains the balance of oxygen in lungs and increases the pure oxygen, which removes eczema, ringworm, itching and white and black spots. It gives natural glow. Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Anulom-Vilom pranayam are like sure shots for diabetes, cancer, asthma and other serious diseases. Medical research and experiments conducted on Yoga and experiences gained through weekly Yoga camps proved that diseases are caused due to irregular life style; wrong eating habits and physical processes can itself cure those diseases. Man is responsible for happiness, unhappiness, diseases and good health. If he falls ill and becomes unhappy due to ignorance then he can get well with practice of Yog and pranayam. Swami Ramdev believes that a person who reduces one hour of his sleep remains healthy and disease free with longevity. This is the result of Yoga camps that changes disappointment into enthusiasm.

The mission of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj for the welfare of sick, suffering, diseased people is indeed commendable. Swami Ji gives various tips for the practice of Yoga and pranayam in the camps, which is more effective when compared to the results obtained from Yoga done at home without proper guidance. In Yoga camps, thousands of people breathe in oxygen at the same time, therefore it reduces the density of oxygen from the atmosphere in that particular area. This process continues for long time. The oxygen increases digestive power, activates thousands of inactive cells in lungs and purifies blood. The additional oxygen burns out excess fat and makes the body energetic. The body weight reduces and becomes light just like a person who feels light after putting down 20 kilos weight from his body. The amount of oxygen is limited inside homes and density of apana increases due to the presence of family members. This is the reason that practice of pranayam inside the house has lesser effects. Therefore,practice it n open area or balcony for getting complete benefit.

Exercise and pranayam generate carbon dioxide, and rest is necessary to remove the foreign particles from the body as it causes tiredness. Stop when you are tired, or breath normally.

Tiredness is caused due to carbon dioxide and therefore a person has to take rest and proper sleep. If any such process were developed, which could replace carbon dioxide with oxygen then nobody would ever get tired and the body would always remain active. The human being along with other creatures would get rid of serious diseases. The muscles never become old, they come back to normal position on getting pure blood just like a frog lying inactively without consciousness or activeness in cold atmosphere but becomes active on getting warm climate. In other words, a person can feel young with pure blood supply.

Brahmari and Udgeeth pranayam create divine vibrations in Yoga camps. This vibration is created due to\ mass practice; this reaches the optimum level and enters the practitioner’s ears. This has immense strength,which creates vibration in blood veins and nerves, which removes heart blockage, lung disorders and activates the digestive system.

These vibrations have same effect as the following:

Just like the sound of huge bell hanging from the ceiling of a large dome in a temple, which vibrates the hearts and minds of devotees and removes toxicity from blood.

Just like the butter that separates from buttermilk on churning it.

Just like the old practice where in four or five men used to beat a bronze plate and create loud noise near a person who has been bitten by a snake. This creates special vibration in the patient’s blood and the poison is removed.

In Yoga camps devotees practice pranayam in a group with devotion, dedication, faith and fight to overcome diseases. Pranayam done at home does not give expected results; it could be explained like the situation of a child who does not feel like eating when he is alone but eats well in company.

Yoga is practiced in camps by inculcating the feeling of faith, positive attitude with concentration, dedication and punctuality. Oh lord! I have faced lot of pain and now I am in your shelter. Oh almighty, omnipotent god please bless me and relieve my problems. I have come into your shelter. Pranayam done in this manner arouses consciousness and nationality. Pranayam is done with free mind without any inhibitions and doubts. It gives lot of benefit to the devotee. Yoga is a complete medical science. Yoga overcomes stiffness of mind and body.

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